Greater Noida: Pay 50% dues by this year to get discounts

Dated on: Monday 11th September 2023

The Greater Noida Authority has introduced an Offer-to-Settle (OTS) program designed to assist purchasers of multi-story buildings in settling outstanding payments. This initiative is set to be advantageous for more than 2,200 property buyers who have yet to finalize their lease agreements. It is estimated that the GNIDA will be able to recover around Rs 468 crore in outstanding fees and premiums through this program. Prospective applicants will have a window of over three months to apply for this scheme, running from September 5th to December 31st. Depending on the size of their apartments, participants can enjoy discounts ranging from 20% to 80% on penalties related to premiums, additional compensation, and late fees for lease deeds.

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