GUJRERA extended date of Half yearly return by real estate agents

Dated on: Friday 13th April 2018

As per GUJRERA order dated 29 December 2017, every real estate agent is required to provide their complete information periodically with GUJRERA. The last date for uploading first half yearly return was 07 April 2018. It was observed that many agents have failed to comply with this.Taking into consideration the initial implementation constraints, the GUJRERA has decided to give relaxation for uploading their first return. The agents who were due to upload their first half-yearly before  07 April 2018 along with agents who are liable to file their first half by 07 June 2018 can now file their HY returns by 07 June 2018. If the agent “defaults” by not filling the return, all the subsequent HY Return Tiles will be locked for filing and till the agent complies to the penalized action decided by the authority, the agent will not have the facility of HY return filing.

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