Only a few realtors registered with RERA Andhra Pradesh in 12 months

Dated on: Monday 2nd April 2018

In Andhra Pradesh, only 23 projects have been registered with the RERA out of around 2000 projects falling under the purview of RERA. Sources said that in the capital city region alone, over 70,000-80,000 flats have either been completed recently or are under construction. As per rules, all these projects should have been applied to RERA. However, promoters are not earnest on joining RERA, stating several technical and financial troubles. Nine projects-all big-ticket investments from the capital city region got registered under RERA while one each project from Visakhapatnam and Kadapa got registered. “We are waiting with patience with a hope that they will join sooner or later. We will not hesitate to crackdown after giving little more time,” said a senior official of Rera.

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