Builders in Bihar can register their projects by 30th June 2018

Dated on: Monday 4th June 2018

The RERA Bihar has given builders another extension, asking them to register their projects by the end of this month. 
"We have given this extension as the last opportunity for builders and developers to register their ongoing projects with a hope that compliance rate would increase," RERA Bihar member R.B. Singh said.
He said registration application for 376 ongoing projects had been received at the authority end till May 31 and a sum of around Rs 1 crore had been collected a registration fee. "On the last day of the extended deadline, we got at least 50 applications," Sinha said."There is a provision of imposing fine up to 10 per cent of the total project cost on builders who do not register their ongoing project with the authority. We hope the builders will not let such a situation arise and will get themselves registered during this extended period," Sinha said.

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