SRO disclosure mandatory from 01 December 2019

Dated on: Friday 15th November 2019

Whereas, under  Section 34 of the real estate(Regulation & Development) Act, 2016(hereinafter referred as the said Act), MahaRERA is vested with powers which includes the function  to register and regulate real estate projects and to ensure compliance of the obligations cast upon promoters.Whereas, in exercise of the powers vested with MahaRERA under section 34 of the said Act,in order to ensure greater  professionalism  among promoters, being a certain level of consistency in the practices of promoters,enforcement of code of conduct and to discourage fraudulent promoters, MahaRERA vide its order No. 10 dated 11th October 2019, introduce the procedure of registration of Self – Regulatory Organization (SROs) of promoters,in the real  estate in Maharashtra.Whereas,  from December  1, 2019, through MAHARASHTRA REAL ESTATE REGULATORY AUTHORITY(GENERAL) ( SECOND AMENDMENT) REGULATION, 2019, membership details of the promoter with MahaRERA registered SRO (Self Regulatory Authority) has been introduced as additional disclosure by promoters on the website of MahaRERA.Therefore, with effect from December  1, 2019, every promoter apply to MahaRERA for registration of their real estate project, shall have to mandatorily disclosure their membership details with a MahaRERA registered SRO. 

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