MahaRERA : ‘Landowner’ is equally liable as the ‘Builder’ to get the revenue

Dated on: Monday 11th December 2017

The MahaRERA has made the landowner equally liable as the builder. The Authority has declared in his order issued on 4th December 2017 that the landowners equally liable are to getting the share of profit from the sold or advertised apartments or projects. The landowner is will be liable as a developer if they have taken the areas of a project and not cost. 

In the order of 4th December, the Authority of MahaRERA said, “the ‘Promoter’ is a landowner, investor or a person who obtained the permission to construct the building.”  According to the records, nearly 4346 projects have already registered as ‘Co-promoter (landowner/ investor)’ but now after the issuing of this order they will know as ‘Promoter’ and their liabilities and duties will be as equal as the main promoter.

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