Refunds, a relief guaranteed under UP-RERA, eludes many homebuyers

Dated on: Wednesday 23rd August 2023

To what extent are Rera recovery certificates (RC) effective in providing relief to distressed homebuyers? In Noida, the largest real estate market in Uttar Pradesh and also the one grappling with most of the issues – primarily related to project delays and incomplete constructions – only 5% of RCs issued by the real estate ombudsman since 2018 have been successfully retrieved. RCs are granted based on two provisions — Section 40 (1) of the UP Rera Act and Rule 23 of UP-Rera Rules — when affected homebuyers file complaints with Rera against non-compliant developers to seek refunds. However, the responsibility for enforcing the collection of RCs rests with the local administrations.

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