HC axes builders from redevelopment project in South Mumbai over arrears

Dated on: Monday 14th August 2023

A week ago, the Bombay High Court, which had previously expressed its frustration with the repeated defaults on transit rent payments, has now taken the step of excluding the builders from a combined redevelopment venture in the southern part of Mumbai. The reason for their removal stems from their failure to comply with the court's directive to deposit Rs 3.5 crore in arrears for tenants who had left their homes seven years ago. The builders, namely Parekh Constructions, Parekh Constructions LLP, and Nishcon Realty Swati Deshpande, must vacate the project site located in the Chira Bazar area before Independence Day, as ordered by the High Court on Friday. The court also ruled that Mhada has the authority to select a new builder for the project.

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