Real estate agents cannot operate from homes, commercial address must for registration: Delhi-RERA chairman

Dated on: Wednesday 9th August 2023

The Chairman of Delhi's Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), Anand Kumar, emphasized that all real estate projects, whether in planned or unplanned areas of Delhi, fall under RERA's purview and must be registered with the Act. Additionally, he stated that real estate agents are not permitted to operate from residential addresses and must maintain a commercial office for which property tax has been duly paid.

Kumar issued a stern warning to builders and developers, cautioning them against promoting false narratives to sell properties in projects without RERA registration. He emphasized that strict action will be taken against such offenders, and there will be no leniency from RERA in this matter. He stressed that plots larger than 500 square metres and projects featuring more than eight units, including shops, flats, apartments, or commercial spaces, are mandated to be registered under RERA.

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