UP RERA to use provisions of civil procedure code for implementation of its orders.

Dated on: Thursday 16th June 2022

The Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP RERA) has resolved to utilise the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code (CPC) for order implementation and to delegate authority to adjudicating officers for strict enforcement.

In the 94th meeting of the authority, a more effective policy for enforcement of orders made by RERA on complaints of allottes was laid forth.

Section-40(1) of the RERA Act and Rule-23 of the UP RERA provide for the recovery of amounts owed to allottees by the promoter, such as arrears of land revenue.

Recovery of amounts received by allottees under UP RERA orders is being collected through the concerned District Magistrates, such as arrears of land revenue, and till now in 1790 cases Rs 282 crore has been recovered and transferred to the complainant/allottees' accounts.

In addition, many complaints have resulted in settlements totaling Rs 475 crore.

Section-40(2) of the RERA Act and Rule-24 of the U.P. provide legal provisions for the implementation of other RERA orders, such as grant of possession to allottees and registration of allottee units. RERA Regulations.

Rule-24 specifies that such orders shall be implemented by RERA in the same manner as if the order in question was a decree of the major civil court.

RERA has implemented about 3000 orders out of the 5586 applications received for order implementation, accounting for approximately 54 percent of the requests received for order implementation.

RERA is directed to submit the compliance report of the order within 15 days of receiving the application for implementation of the order from the complaint by sending a notice to the promoter and the concerned Bench in case of non-compliance of the order by the promoter despite RERA's notice. The process of implementation is being taken, after hearing both the sides.

Normally, after the project is completed, possession is given to the complainants/buyers in accordance with RERA rules. However, in some cases the authority has noted that even after acquiring the "Occupancy Certificate", allottees are encountering problems in getting the possession.

"The decision was reached to make the mechanism of implementation of such orders more resilient and effective. RERA will take action in such circumstances under the authority granted by Order 21 of the CPC (Civil Procedure Code). To carry out RERA's possession and registry orders, appropriate steps will be taken to attach the property in question, appoint a receiver, have the registry executed through the receiver, and transfer over ownership "stated the authority

Former district judges who work in the NCR and Lucknow offices of U.P. RERA shall be referred and authorised to take the above action.

Higher penalties will be levied for non-compliance with RERA directives against promoters who, despite project completion, are evasive in giving possession to allottees.

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